What Video Games Taught me that School Didn’t

DISCLAIMER: Kids stay in school.

First and foremost let me say school has taught me a lot over the years and this post is not to argue which taught me more nor put video games on a pedestal. I’ve just come to the realization that there were some things I’ve learned through video games or my knowledge was extended. Now, schooling has taught me what I consider the most important lesson of all, that goes past reading and writing and that is social interaction. You can gain some social interaction through video games but it just isn’t the same, face to face interaction offers a completely different experience. The things I think video games have taught me the most where schooling lacked is, team work, communication, and problem solving. Yes, school taught me these things but I don’t believe they taught it to me as well or helped me have a deeper understanding. Also video games aren’t a full proof way of teaching people these same things I learned this is just my experience. For me a lot of those experiences came from competitive video games and playing to win which 9 times out of 10 involved playing with a team which usually are my friends. The communication involved discussing enemy locations, discussing our own positions, strategies, and any other information needed to win or find success within the game. Team work and communication go hand and hand with each other and also help with social skills as well as meeting new people through each match you play and new game you download. The last one I mentioned may be the biggest but also ties into the other two. Problem solving really just comes from learning the game and what is best, what it takes to beat that next level, or beat an enemy that is better skilled than you. In the classic version of school I experience there were never in class activities nor power points that really taught me at the same level on how to work with people in many different scenarios across different types of games. As I’m writing this I’m doing a terrible job explaining why video games taught me these things, maybe I should have paid more attention in school lol, maybe for my next post we will scrape the surface of that one… I’m sure there are more lessons which I may cover in a future post or dive deeper later to the ones already mentioned. All in all we all know there is so much more to learn outside of a class room and I believe some of those things can be learned through playing video games on your free time.



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